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In my experience as a Personal Trainer, I have found that what people think they are eating is usually very different from what they're actually eating.

It's all too easy to 'forget' about those chocolate digestives that you had, or the carrot cake that you had with that Latte in town. What about that glass of wine that you tend to have when you settle down for the evening?

If you'd like an accurate insight into real life eating habits, then a Diet Analysis is what you need.

After the initial consultation with me, we will meet again at during weeks 2 and 4 to assess your progress and to put in place realistic strategies to keep you motivated and on target.

The four week program consists of;


A 4 week diet diary for you to keep.....

A nutritional assessment / diet analysis....

Three one-to-one consultaions to assess your progress....


Your consultation sessions can be taken at your own home, or within my personal studio and therapy room, The Studio , located just outside Warrington town centre.

Check my 'Pricing' page for fees.