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Food labelling is confusing at the best of times.

Sadly, much of this confusion is a deliberate tactic by the food industry to make us think that we're eating more healthily than we actually are.

'Fat Free', 'Low Fat', 'Reduced Sugar'....these claims and more are made on packaging, but do they mean what they appear to say?

The English language as an extremely versatile tool. Unless you know the terms used by the food industry and their meaning, it's easy to misinterpret what they actually say.

For example, the difference between 'Orange Flavour' and 'Orange Flavoured'. The two may appear to mean the same thing, but they are far from it. It's small wonder that people have trouble in adopting a healthy diet and that so many people fail when trying to lose weight.

A 'Shopping / Kitchen Guide' is the perfect accompaniment to a healthy diet or exercise regime. It is also the perfect partner to the 'Definitive' or 'Diet Analysis' programs.

I will visit your home and, together, we'll go through your cupboards and refridgerator to make sure that what you are eating is really what's best for you.

We will also put together a healthy eating shopping list and make a visit to the supermarket of your choice for you to stock up with what you need.

For my present rates, check out my 'Pricing' page.