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Definitive adj: 1 serving to decide or settle finally. 2 most reliable or authoritative. 3 serving to define or outline. 4 fully developed.

There is so much conflicting information around about what we should or shouldn't be eating and about what type of exercise we should be doing that it's hardly surprising that confusion is the result.

It's frustrating to see people making the same mistakes over and over again.

In my years as a Personal Trainer, most of my clients have wanted to do the same things; lose weight, tone up and feel fitter.

To use the correct terminology, they want to lose body fat, gain lean mass and improve their fitness levels. Every single one of us has the ablility to do this. All it takes is effective guidance and some dedication and consistency from you.

This is the very essence of the 'definitive' program....

It is a supervised program that has been designed for REAL people living in the REAL world. It is not some unrealistic plan, like some that I've seen, that requires you to grill venison for breakfast or take exotic sounding, and usually unnecessary, dietary supplements which your personal trainer just so happens to sell!

This program is NOT a fad 'diet'........diets don't work!!

There are no gimmicks......

The 'definitive' program is a set of sound, common sense nutritional and exercise principles that you will need to apply on a long term basis in order to achieve and maintain a healthy, lean physique.

It is based on un-biased findings by some of the world's leading experts, along with 30 years of my own studies and experience of teaching at college level, of the fitness industry as well as my personal, no-nonsense approach to diet and exercise.

The 'definitive' supervised program runs in 6 week cycles and consists of;

An initial 90 minute PT session including;

Body stats (measurements and skin-fold test).
A detailed, tailored exercise program.
A lifestyle assessment & diet analysis.
A tutorial of the principles involved in the program.

A quality, personalised folder containing;

A 60 page hard copy of the full theory behind the program.
Your personal exercise program.
Nutritional reference sheets.
Body stats assessment records.

At the end of the initial 6 week period, follow up 60 minute PT sessions are available to measure and assess your progress and to update your exercise and nutrition program.

Follow up sessions consist of;

Body stats to measure your progress.
Exercise program update to ensure that you keep on track.
Diet assessment to check that you're still on track nutritionally.


Sessions can be taken at your home, or at my personal studio, The Studio, located just outside Warrington town centre.

Check out the 'Pricing' page for fee details.