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To me, personal training is about helping people to improve themselves, their health and their lifestyle.

People seem to assume that personal trainers are either sport obsessed, or at least have a background in sports. Looking at some of their websites, it's not hard to see why. Most seem to make much of their sporting prowess.

Personally, I've never been interested in sport. I'd rather sit and watch the grass on a football or rugby pitch grow than watch the game being played on it.

For this reason, I thought that I'd put together a montage of the people and things that have influenced me over my 55 years.

A little self-indulgent, perhaps, but I had great fun putting it together. It was more of a case of what to leave off rather than what to include!

Place your mouse pointer above each image for a little info on each one (unfortunately, some browsers, touch-screen tablets and phones don't appear to support this feature now).

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  Isambard Kingdom Brunel:  What a great name!  He built bridges, railways, docks and ships...basically, he got stuff done!  We could certainly use him today. Rough Trade: The definitive indie label.  In the late 70's, they changed the musical world. This should be compulsory reading.  Big Brother is most certainly watching us! Frankie Howerd:  Tiitter ye not! Spiderman:  As a kid, I had literally thousands of US imported Marvel comics. The WASP synthesizer:  The first affordable synth.  I bought one for £199 back in 1980.  I still have it to this very day. David Bowie:  At his peak, between 'Hunky Dory' and 'Heroes', the man was a genius. The Cramps:  Punk meets Rockabilly meets Horror.  Total class. The Sex Pistols:  While my fellow school pupils were listening to 'Grease' and 'Saturday Night Fever', I was listening to these guys. Rickenbacker 4001 Bass:  My instrument of choice back in the early 80's.  I was going to change the world!!  Yeah, whatever! Kate Bush:  Freaky, but brilliant.  Anyway, what is there not to love about a flame-haired beauty in a chain-mail bikini weilding a broadsword? Salvador Dali:  As is so often the case, brilliant, but totally mad. The Silver Surfer:  When comics grew up. 3 Series BMW in 'Bad Boy' red:  Probably the best car in the world. Winston Churchill:  The epitomy of the, long since dead, British bulldog spirit.  For an uncomfortably large number of people, it has now been replaced by an obsession with drinking themselves into oblivion. The late, great John Peel:  The man responsible for my musical education. Ken Dodd:  A comic genius.  It amuses me greatly that I now live but a short drive away from Knotty Ash. Andy Warhol:  Cooler than cool.  The reason why I specialised in silk screen printing at school. I've loved 'Old Skool' dance music since it was 'New Skool'! Leslie Nielson:  "I am serious...and don't call me Shirley" Tiswas:  In the late 70's, this was essential Saturday morning telly.  This is what they want!! Lord Byron:  By all counts, a bit of a lad.  "mad, bad and dangerous to know", apparently. 'Seeds for the Reaper', by my brother, Gary.  Available on Amazon! Ian Curtis:  The frontman of 'Joy Division'.  Their first album, 'Unknown Plasures'  defines early 80's post punk. Lennon & McCartney:  They made the scouse accent sound cool! 'A Bigger Splash', by David Hockney.  Along with Andy Warhol, my inspiration to go to art college. Wayne's World, Wayne's World, party time, excellent! Factory Records:  The home of 'Joy Division' and one of the most creative record labels in the history of everything. The Stone Roses:  regular visitors to the CD player in my car.  One of the reasons  why British music is the best in the world. Johnny Bravo:  Far too good for kids.  Awwwww...mamma....