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The safe, non-invasive way to hit stubborn areas of body fat.

FACT: most of us have stubborn areas of body fat that simply won't go regardless of how well we train or how effectively we diet.

FACT: most people think that exercising a partucular area will reduce fat in that area. Unfortunately, it won't. No matter how many sit-ups you do, that belly fat will stay exactly where it is!

FACT: most people think that the only way to spot reduce fat is have expensive, invasive and potentially dangerous liposuction.

There is another way...

The Shape Shifter program is based on a combination of deep-tissue massage and exercise, together with a structured, healthy nutrition plan.


There are clinics and salons that provide similar types of treatments that charge in excess of £100 per session!


Body fat is stored beneath our skin in cells called 'adipocytes'.



The distribution of these cells is genetic and dependent on your hormonal profile, this is why people tend to store fat in certain areas more than others. Hence some people being 'pear' shaped, while others may be 'apple' shaped.

However, the actual number of them is dictated by our lifestyle and eating habits in our formative years, up to our mid-teens.

Unfortunately, our bodies are not particularly good at stock rotation, so the first place fat accumulates is the last place we usually lose it from. This program is designed to counter this and encourage the body to utilise specific areas of fat.

Stubborn areas of fat tend to have a relatively poor blood supply.

This means that the areas tend to get ignored by the body in favour of areas with better vascularity.

One of the key benefits of deep-tissue massage is the improvement of blood supply to the areas being treated.

Couple this with exercise and you can encourage the body to utilise fatty deposits that it would otherwise ignore.

Also, the older the fat in a fat cell, the harder it gets and the less likely it is to be used as energy. Trust me, your body likes to makes things as easy for itself as possible!

By manipulating and massaging this old, hard fat, it can be softened and broken down to be used by your body as energy. The good news is that once it's gone, it's gone. Unless you replace it by poor diet and lifestyle choices, of course.

The 'Shape Shifter' program features;

Home or Studio Based Sessions

Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes of deep tissue massage on the stubborn areas.

Personal Training

30 minutes of Personal Training to ensure that you're exercising effectively.

You will also receive a workout program that you can do at home or at your own gym.

Nutrition Program

A commom sense nutrition program so you don't put the fat back on.



Your sessions can be taken either at your home, or within my personal studio and therapy room, The Loft, located just outside Warrington town centre.

Check out my 'Pricing' page for my current fees.