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Along with everything that we can see, hear and feel, we are made from energy.

Einstein, and other quantum physicists, have explained that, at an atomic level, everything that exists in the Universe is energy that is vibrating and oscillating at different rates. That energy and physical matter are two forms of the same thing.

So energy is all that there is.

As well as being immersed in an ocean of energy, we are also a part of that energy...



Just as blood flows though our body, we also have a flow of energy. Just as any blockage of blood flow in our body can cause problems, any blockage or imbalance in that flow of energy can cause problems too.

These can manifest themselves physicaly, emotionally or mentally. Our wellbeing relies on each of these working in harmony with the others. A problem with one can cause a domino affect with the others.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on healing technique which uses spiritual energy to treat physical or emotional ailments.

It is much more than a physical therapy. It is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of the person; body, mind, emotions and spirit.

It can also be used to encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth.

Why is a Personal Trainer interested in something like Reiki?

Most Personal Trainers are happy in the gym, running bootcamps or doing classes.

For me, it has always been far more involved than that, which is why I deal with clients exclusively on one to one basis. To get the best out of someone, it's important to build up a rapport that benefits both me and the client. That simply does not happen in a group environment.

It is also why I studied in nutrition, deep tissue massage and Indian head massage; there is FAR more to looking after our health and wellbeing than simply exercising.

Reiki is something that I have long been interested in and was the natural progression both personally as well as professionally.

I have many clients who have benefited enormously from my holistic approach to my work.

What will a Reiki treatment do for me?

I have treated clients with sleep issues, clients suffering from stress, others with personal issues or physical ailments.

As I have already mentioned, Reiki works on a very basic level; on the body's energy flow. It rebalances the seven energy centres of the body known as the Chakras.



The Chakras relate to the emotional and phychological make-up of a person, as well as to the physical body. A disfunction or imbalance in one or more of the Chakras can manifest in any number of different ways.

Reiki residtributes and re-balances the body's energy (Ki) to promote health, awareness and well-being.

The results can vary enormoudly from person to person as the Reiki goes to where it is needed the most. This may not be where you expected, but it awlays works for the grreater good of the recipient.


Check my 'Pricing' page for treatment fees.