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Having worked with gym members and private clients for many years, I have often been quite surprised as to how little many people know about their body, about their diet and about which activities are beneficial to them.

As a result, I have put together a short course, with the aim of helping people to understand the basics of exercise and nutrition.

The course, The Principles of Exercise and Nutrition, is a theory based course which is split into four sections; Health & Well-Being, Physiology, Nutrition and Exercise Theory.

It is designed for anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge and understanding of diet, physiology and the effect of different types exercise.

It is perfect if you're looking to effectively use a gym membership, exercising at home or simply trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

There is no technical jargon!

It is split into four sections.....

#1: Health & Wellbeing - Covering lifestyle diseases and their causes. The physical, emotional and mental affects of exercise.

#2: Anatomy & Physiology - Covering the major systems of the body and how they work together.

#3: Nutrition - Covering macro and micro nutrients. Types fat, cholesterol and the GI scale.

#4: Exercise Theory - Covering the diferent types of exercise, how they affect our body.


The course includes a high quality, 50 page, A4 portfolio/workbook for you to fill in and keep for future reference.

I run the courses at my private studio, in Health Clubs, Gyms, Community Centres and Schools.

If you know of, or you're a member of, any kind of group or club that you think may benefit from this course, please get in touch.

The course comprises of a session per week for 4 weeks, with each session lasting about 90 minutes.

I post dates and times of the studio based courses on my Facebook page and via my regular e-mail newsletter, links to which can be found on my 'Contact Me' page.

Please note that the minimum age for students on this course is 16.


Check my 'Pricing' page for course fees.