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Gillian, Mere.

Training with you has radically changed the way I consider my body, exercise, eat and live.

You have taught me so many things!

I learnt that even with my healthy diet, I could make simple changes that meant I could eat so much less, yet not feel hungry all the time.

You helped me find resistance exercise that I love and can fit into 30 mins a day (the time it takes me to decide what to wear in the morning).

Feeling strong and having muscle is so important to women, despite what most seem to think.

You helped me understand how women are all different sizes, to appreciate what I have been given, to make the best of what I have.

Good work!




James, Penketh.

I’ve always had good intentions of increasing my fitness level and toning my body but found the big gyms in town to be intimidating scary places. I didn’t really know how to use the equipment and I was embarrassed to work out in front of other people – a real fear of doing it wrong and making a complete show of myself.

Using personal trainers at these gyms didn’t help either because I found them to be disinterested and impersonal. Each session was the same and although I was enthusiastic at first, I quickly became bored and stopped going.

Last year I hurt my lower back and my chiropractor advised me to take up regular exercise to help strengthen my lower back and core. The thought of joining yet another gym filled me with dread.

However, trawling through the internet, I found Andy’s website and after visiting him at his studio and liking what he said, he’s been my personal trainer for just over a year now.

From the outset, Andy has worked at my pace – he knows my limitations and although each session is hard work, it’s thoroughly enjoyable. No two sessions are the same and he introduces something new each week. The results are amazing. I’m lifting weights that I never thought possible and I’ve built some really good muscle mass - my core strength, stamina and body confidence has considerably increased too. Most of all, I’m extremely motivated and I look forward to my next session.

I’d thoroughly recommend Andy to anybody who’s looking for a personal trainer. He’s not only professional - he’s committed, considerate and enthusiastic. He also has a wicked sense of humour.

Personally, I think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. He knows his stuff and I have a lot of praise for this guy - I just wish I’d found him years ago.

Thanks for everything Andy - you’re a star.




Heather, Appleton.

Last year I was feeling unfit, stressed and flabby with a prolapsed disc and a sore neck.

My husband phoned half a dozen local PT's, but Andy was the only one who questioned him about my disc issue. He came to my house for a consultation and so began a year of PT, massage and friendship.

It has changed my life. I've dropped a dress size and I feel fitter and more toned than I could ever have imagined.

I have two PT sessions a week and one massage session and it has struck the right balance between exercise and therapy for my neck problems.

Andy is an amazing guy who supports, challenges and is a great listener. He is the best masseuse I've had, and goodness knows I've had LOTS of them over the years.

I can't believe that I've wasted so much money over the years on gyms that I've never used!!




Pam, Appleton.

Andy is the best trainer and masseur ever!

He's down to earth, practical and totally tunes into what you need and when.

He's the best thing that's ever happened to my training schedule.



Luci, Daresbury

I initially looked for a personal trainer 5 1/2 weeks prior to my wedding. Getting married at the age of 49 sent me into to panic mode and was having serious concerns around how I would look in my wedding dress.

I'd never had a PT before, so I rang a few local ones, but it was Andy who immediately empathised with my worries and made an appointment to come and introduce himself.

As you can see in the picture, I got into my dress and I’m still having 3 sessions a week.
My body shape has really changed. I am far more toned, I have lost body fat and I feel so much fitter. I'm also aware of a big change in my mindset towards my health and exercise.

What always strikes me is the enthusiasm and professionalism with which Andy treats me. I get the impression that he really cares about each and every one of his clients!

With Andy it's more than just workouts and diet plans. I like Andy's approach and most importantly for me every session is different. It's hard work, but very enjoyable.



Neil, Warrington.

I got in touch with Andy last year to help improve my fitness.

A health check with my doctor had found that I had a very high heart rate and blood pressure.

I have 2 or 3 sessions a week with Andy and my BP and HR have improved dramatically.

I really enjoy doing new things in my sessions. There's so much more to working out than just running machines and weights!





Emma, Helsby.

"The art of distraction", he calls it.

All I know is that it makes you use muscles that you didn't know you had to lift weights that you never knew that you could lift without even realising it!

Until you get home from the gym and you have to do things like......hmmmm......walk!!



Kerry, Stockton Heath.

I have trained with Andy for five years now and in that time I have lost over 2 stones and dropped three dress sizes. Just as importantly, I've kept the weight off!!

Before I trained with Andy I had trained with a succession of PTs. Whilst training with them I didn't achieve results anywhere near the ones I have achieved whilst training with Andy.

To try and drop a dress size I even went to the extent six years ago of attending a week long military run boot camp. I didn't get the results I was hoping for. I lost weight while I was at the camp, but I put it all back on again within a few weeks.

Thanks Andy for all your help!!

I can now get back into my 'skinny wardrobe'. You have saved me a small fortune not having to buy new clothes!



Louise, Stretton.

I originally got in touch with Andy to help me get into shape so I could fit into my wedding dress.

I am pleased to say I achieved that goal. Since the wedding I have continued my training sessions with Andy as he is a great personal trainer.

Andy is exceptionally knowledgeable on a wide range of areas from fitness, fat loss, nutrition and motivation and has a genuine interest in getting the best out of you.

Despite each session being hard work, Andy has a great style which is perfectly pitched between fun and working hard and I thoroughly enjoy each session and have the results to prove the effort is well worth it.



Nicky, Newton-Le-Willows.

I came across Andy at my local gym when I stopped to look at his promotional stand.

Because of Andy's experience, he can judge immediately what you can and can`t do ( not what you think you can and can`t do, which are completely different things !!).

He will design a programme specifically for you and develop it alongside your particular issues each session , he will have you doing things that you never thought possible!!

Andy is a very down to earth brummie and, once you have manged to understand his lovely accent, very funny and chatty :-)




Azuso, Warrington.

I have been a ballet student in Warrington for the last 3 years.

The training is very demanding and I found that I was suffering regularly with lower back and ankle problems.

I found Andy's website and now have several massage sessions a month with him. I find that the treatments help enormously with my joint soreness and muscle tension.



Kate, Sretton

I am very active, but I have an ongoing lower back problem that flares up from time to time which is why I got in touch with Andy.

I have regular deep tissue massage treatments as well as monthly stats tests to make sure that I'm not slipping.

He is always professional and really knows his stuff!

I can't recommend him enough.




Jude, Wigan.

I started training with Andy almost 6 years ago and still love every session I have with him.
I decided to find a Personal Trainer as I was bored of my normal fitness routine. I wanted to get new training ideas and learn more about resistance training.

Although I was quite fit and not really looking to lose weight I wanted to really tone up, gain strength by being instructed with weights and basically become more motivated.

I have definitely achieved these goals with Andy – all my muscle groups have toned up, I have gained strength and discovered muscles which I never knew I had!! And I now have a greater knowledge of fitness and the levels I can push myself to.

If you are looking for a trainer who offers nothing but encouragement, great advice in every session, who is friendly and down to earth then Andy is unquestionably the trainer for you!!